Because of the risk of accidents to children, parents are asked NOT to bring cars to school to deliver or collect children.  The school access road is quite narrow near the school and in the past children have been 'brushed' by cars, luckily without being inured.

Do not park in Stokesley Road/Grosmont Road due to yellow lines.  Park at Seaton Park, car park.  

Do not park on zig-zags or yellow lines directly outside of school.  Children are notoriously careless about Road Safety and when near school with their friends, despite warnings, they often dash out to reach friends or parents.

Parking patrols operate in this area and will issue fines to drivers dangerously and illegally parked around school.

Cars have been seen to mount pavements near school to allow other cars to pass. This is extremely dangerous.  It would help considerably if you:-


 'It is your children who are at risk'

Under no circumstances must parents bring cars onto the school premises, or use the entrance gate as a turning point.  This includes picking children up from after school clubs or Seaton Crew.

The information was amended for the Academic Year 2016/2017 and the particulars it contains were correct at that time.  It must not be assumed that there will be no changes affecting the relevant arrangements or certain matters during the year or subsequent years, arising for example, from variation in government or Local Authority Police for Education.



Bikes can be parked at school in our bike store, however, they are left there at your own risk. Unfortunately scooters and go karts cannot be left.  The school does not accept any liability whatsoever for damage or theft to the bikes whilst on the school premises.  It is in your interest to have insurance provision for your bike through your own insurance company.  Before leaving a bike in the bike store we request that you sign a waiver of liability form (our School Bike Contract), which can be obtained from the school office.  Bikes must be walked through the school yard and must not be brought through the car park.


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