Urgent Action

Urgent Action



The key aim of  Urgent Action is to promote the emotional wellbeing of children of all ages and abilities helping them to achieve their full potential. We work with the child, their parents/carers, teachers and others helping them along the path of learning and supporting them in overcoming any barriers that may be in their way.


What strategies are used to support pupils learning?

We use a ‘whole child’ approach to learning and identify any gaps in the child’s understanding and support them accordingly.    We use our Learning Skills Profiler to identify any barriers and put in place the appropriate support.  We have found this approach very successful and the data shows that most of the children are able to access the curriculum more independently within the classroom environment.   



                                      Learning Skills Map












What support do learning mentors offer?

Social and Emotional

·         Mentoring sessions/Mindfulness and Mindset

·         Nurturing – Beat Baby Programme and Happy to be Me Programme

·         Anger management

·         Confidence/thinking/memory/focus skills

·         Supporting children in developing friendships – social stories

·         Integrated working with other agencies and professionals

·         Organise ‘ask it’ boxes around school for children to post any worries

·         Sand play/drawing and talking

·         Bereavement Support

·         Kids Skills – support children to be more independent

·         Liaising with parents/carers to support pupil progress


Academic Skills

·         Lexia - reading programme

·         Symphony Maths – basic skills

·         Code X – reading and comprehension

·         Style – Reading, Phonics and Maths

·         Beat Dyslexia Programme

·         Numicon – Maths Support

·         Comprehension skills

·         Handwriting Programme

·         Ace dictionary skills – spelling activities

          Reading Plus


How are successes and achievements rewarded?

·         Praise

·         Certificates

·         Activities of choice

·         House Points

·         Special mentions in our ‘Achievement Worship’

·         Head Teacher’s Award

          Head Teacher's - Hot Chocolate!