Clubs and Activities

                             There are many school clubs on offer at Holy Trinity.

     There are clubs available lunchtimes and after school.                

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What is offered may vary from term to term.

If a club is not to run on a particular week/night pupils will be informed verbally and given a cancellation note from the club and a reminder will be in the weekly newsletter.


 LEXIA Enables pupils  of all ages and abilities to master essential reading and spelling skills. The children really enjoy the new graphics of Core 5 Lexia and you can see their confidence grow as they progress through the different levels.


WORSHIP CLUB - Worship Club is  a group of children across KS2 who plan and lead worships across the school.  It aims to create opportunities for the children to develop their spirituality.  Being part of a team involves leading worship to the whole school, leading class worships and also helping to lead our regular church service.  The team meet weekly to discuss bible stories, worship themes, Christian messages to share with the school.


 GAMES CLUB -  In games club we have a variety of educational board games and puzzles. Children   have fun using:  problem  solving, concentration, sequencing, logical deduction, numeracy and literacy   skills and many more.


 SOCIAL CLUB -  To develop confidence, communication and listening skills. The club offers different   activities which the children choose themselves. Since Social Club began the children have gained     valuable life skills by exploring the world outside, going to the shops and paying for their own items   and safely navigating crossing busy roads. The children have enjoyed cooking, art and design, playing   games and most importantly discussing and sharing their thoughts.

 COOKERY CLUB - We make lots of healthy foods and children learn all the basic cookery skills with their friends.



 ENGLISH CLUB  - During the club we complete a variety of different activities and games focussing on     reading and writing skills. We also complete activities linked to our curriculum and current topics.     

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