School Announcements -




We expect children to dress in school uniform.

Uniform can be plain without a school logo and purchased from any shop or supermarket.

We do have 2 retailers who can provide uniform with logos – see below..


Sweatshirts, polo-shirts, cardigans etc. bearing the school logo can be ordered online from


We are pleased also to introduce Etika Uniforms as our additional ethical school uniform provider. Based in Birtley, they have a shop where items can be tried on before purchasing.

Etika uniforms;

  • provide ethically produced garments
  • offer 48-hour deliveries
  • donate 3% of sales back to Holy Trinity Primary school.

To order visit Etika website Holy Trinity CE Seaton Carew Primary School – etika uniforms 

Parents can also use ‘pre-loved’ uniform from  Hartlepool Uniform Recycling in Bellevue Community Centre, Bellevue Way, Hartlepool.


We have woolly hats, baseball caps, book bags and gym/swim bags, all marked with the school logo, which can be purchased from the school office.

Parents are expected to provide a full indoor  P.E. kit. in a drawstring bag. From Y1 – Y6 they will also need an extra P.E. kit -‘Outdoor P.E. kit’ in a separate drawstring bag.  See below for details.

Y3/Y4 will require a swimming kit consisting of:

  • Girls – 1 piece swim suit – plain navy or black
  • Boys – trunks (not shorts)- plain navy or black
  • All require a swimming cap (which are available to purchase from the office)  –
  • Standard swimming goggles are allowed but a letter from the parent/guardian must be sent into school.

Please make sure that all clothing is clearly marked with your child’s name.

School Uniform

    Summer Uniform     Winter Uniform
 Red sweatshirt/cardigan

White polo shirt

Grey tailored shorts/culottes

Red Gingham dresses


 Red sweatshirt/cardigan

White polo shirt

Grey trousers

Grey skirt/pinafore



Black school shoes

Black sandals (Summer)

Black, plain leather boots (Winter only)

Plain black trainers

No suede shoes/boots

No boots with coloured designs

No UGG type boots

No chunky/Dr Marten type boots/shoes

Please note all school footwear including shoes, boots and trainers must not have any coloured or shaded patterns, logos, stripes or sparkles on them.

P.E. Kit

   Indoor PE Kit   (to be kept in  drawstring bag)   Outdoor PE Kit  (to be kept in drawstring bag)
    Black Short

Red T- Shirt

Black plimsolls


Black long jogging pants

Black jogging top (not hoodie)

Red T- shirt

Plain, Black or white trainers

Please no Lycra leggings or branded sportswear (e.g. Adidas stripes)

Please make sure all clothing is clearly marked with your child’s name


Nail Varnish/Transfers/Make-up/False or Spray Tan

Children should not wear nail varnish/transfers/make- up/spray or false tan for school.



School operates a NO jewellery policy:

The wearing of necklaces, ear-rings (including plastic retainers/’invisible’ tubes or studs), watches, bracelets and rings in school is not allowed.

If a child does wear jewellery they will be asked to remove it and asked not to wear it again.  The item of jewellery removed will need collecting by parent/guardian.

Hair: For ALL pupils. If hair is worn long (below shoulder length), it must be tied up or back, for hygiene reasons.    

Outrageous and inappropriate hairstyles such as:

  • head shaven at one side,
  • shaved parting and longer hair on top and over to one side,
  • skin fades,
  • mohawks,
  • tramlines,
  • rats tails,
  • spikes,
  • shapes,
  • colours and hairstyles created by gel/wax are not acceptable in school,
  • perms.