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School Council

School Council

The School Council consists of 11  Year 6 children and a class representative from each of the year groups.  These children have been voted by their peers and stand for the school year that they are elected in.

Meetings are held on a Friday lunchtime, once a month.  The children vote in a chairman and vice chairman, also a child takes the minutes of the meeting.  The meeting is overlooked by class teacher.

The children learn how meetings are conducted, keeping an agenda, minutes and discussions.  The children are encouraged to bring to meetings anything they wish to discuss.  They learn that working together is important and things do not just happen, there has to be input from others.  The council representatives then report back to their classes on any decisions made.  The class representatives report to the meeting any ideas from their individual classes.

The children organise events to raise money for charities, our church and the local area.

“Our first fundraising event was Children in Need and it was a great success raising over £300!! We are now discussing more fundraising days and these will be jam packed with fun! Look out for them!   Lexi” – School Council