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School Meals

School Meals

Children are welcome to stay for school lunch.  All meals must be  paid in full on the first day of the school week (usually Monday).    All school meals should be paid through Parent Pay.

The price for a School Meal is £2.53 per day (£12.65 per week).     (from September 2023)

Payments can be made weekly or half termly.  Parents are notified in the newsletter of weekly and half termly payments and whenever an increase occurs.

If you wish your child to change their lunch time meal arrangements we require written notice. The change may only take place at the beginning of a HALF TERM, and therefore a letter would be required before the end of the previous half term.


People in receipt of Universal Credit will no longer automatically qualify for free school meals. They will be subjected to a checking process where any net (take home) earnings which are included in their universal credit payment are taken into consideration.

People in receipt of Universal Credit should continue to make their claims to free school meals and please continue to promote take up. We will make our usual checks through systems which are updated to reflect this a change will advise accordingly. The rules for people in receipt of other benefits such as income support etc have not changed and they are still subjected to the annual limit of £16,190 however.


  Any queries regarding the above should be directed to the Benefits Team on 01429 284188 or

An application for a free meal can be made by the person who has responsiblilty for a child or children and who are in receipt of one or more of the following payments:

  • Income Support (IS)*
  • Income Based Jobseekers All owance (IBJSA)*
  • Employment and SUpport Allowance (ESA) Income Related
  • Pension Credit (Guarantee Credit)
  • Support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999

*Please note that children who receive IS or IBJSA in their own right are also eligible to receive free school meals.

If you think your child may be entitle to free meals please telephone Hartlepool Borough Council’s Benefits Section on 01429 284188 or apply usijng an application form obtainable from the school office.  Every effort is made to ensure that children receiving free meals cannot be distinguished from other children.

Children from Reception up to and including Year 2 are currently entitled to receive a universal free school meal.

There is a choice of a meat, vegetarian or fish main dish and salad bar and a variety of desserts including yoghurts and fresh fruit each day, as a child prefers.  Parents are welcome to come into school to see the choice of food available.  School Meal Menus are available from the main entrance area. Children who stay at school for dinners may NOT leave the premises during the mid-day break unless the Headteacher gives express permission, or a request in writing, from a parent, is received.


We have healthy school status

If your child has a packed lunch we ask that you do not provide them with sweets, crisps, chocolate bars or confectionery items which includes chocolate coated biscuits.  Other children are not allowed them as this does not comply with our healthy eating policy.  Fizzy confectionery drinks in cans or bottles are a problem and are not allowed.  We ask that you do not provide your child with nutella, peanut butter, nuts/seeds in a bag or any other nut based products.  This is due to the adverse effect that can be caused to the children we have in school who have a nut allergy.  Please ensure your child has a regular sized lunch box or bag that will fit on the storage trolley.   Back packs are too big.  As the trolleys are not refrigerated it is suggested that boxes are cooled using ice packs.

Healthy Lunchbox checklist

  •  A good portion of starchy food, e.g. thick wholemeal bread, chapatti, pita packet, pasta or rice salad.
  • Plenty of fruit and vegetables, e.g. an apple, satsuma, handful of cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, mini can of fruit in    natural juice.
  • Portion of milk or dairy food, e.g. individual cheese portion, pot of yoghurt (without confectionary e.g. muller corner yoghurts
  • Portion of lean meat, fish or alternative, ham, chicken, beef, tuna, egg, humus or bean/lentil salad.
  • A drink of fruit juice, milk or water

Children bringing packed lunches must be able to manage the opening of their lunch boxes and contents.

Playtime fruit

The school is involved in a government initiative to provide a piece of fruit for every Key Stage 1 child every day.  This is usually eaten at the beginning of the day.    All pupils are welcome to bring additional fruit to eat at break time.


Our school has joined a milk scheme and is available to all of our pupils through registration with ‘Cool Milk.’ School milk is free for under 5s and for over 5s it is available at a subsidsed price.

Water Bottles

All children are allowed to bring in a water bottle (bottles available at the office) which they keep in their classroom and are refilled when necessary. They have access to these during class time, to prevent dehydration and to aid concentration.