Seaton Crew Childcare




            After School Care Manager           Mrs D Parkes                                       

            After School Care Supervisor       Mrs M Crowe                                            

            Breakfast Club Supervisor            Miss J Lavelle  

            Breakfast Club Supervisor            Mrs T Gibson

                                                                 Mrs C Leeming




We  have an after school care facility,  'Seaton Crew' and a breakfast club available at Holy Trinity.


The Seaton Crew starts at 3pm and ends at 5.30pm
They provide healthy snacks, active games, playstation, craft activities plenty of toys to play with and circle time games.   Also monthly projects i.e. first aid training, stranger danger, staying safe.


Breakfast Club starts at 7.30am and provides breakfast (toast,cereal, crumpets), fruit, a drink and a quiet play area.


Seaton Crew is run by Mrs D Parkes

Breakfast Club is run by Miss J Lavelle


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21 July 2017

For 1st Day ONLY Mon 4th Sept start 9.30am and finish 2.30pm

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21 July 2017

REC 98.62%

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21 July 2017

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