School Staff/Organisation   


Headteacher:                              Mrs A E Baines

Deputy Headteachers:               Mrs D Wheeldon  

                                                     Mr J Bull



                                                         Mrs J Watson      Nursery

                                                         Mrs L Bull               Reception

                                                         Mrs D Wheeldon            Y1

                                                         Mrs S Brackstone          Y2

                                                         Miss J Finnigan             Y3

                                                         Miss K Freeman            Y4

                                                         Miss D Horsley              Y5

                                                         Mr J Bull                       Y6


Supply/PPA Teacher:                                                 Mrs C Lambe

cover absence or teacher training)                              Mrs S Robson



Business Manager:                     Mrs T Clark


Teaching Assistants and SEN Support


                                                       Mrs J Fawcett       HLTA /Basic Skills Support

                                                       Mrs M Crowe        HLTA/PPA Cover Assistant

                                                       Mrs C Leeming      HLTA / Y6

                                                       Mrs C Robinson    Y5

                                                       Mrs T Gibson        Y4

                                                       Mrs S Home         Y3

                                                       Miss S Boyd         Y2

                                                       Miss J Lavelle       HLTA/ Y1

                                                       Mrs K Sawyer       Rec

                                                       Mrs S Wiles         1 to 1 support

                                                       Mrs A Hill             1 to 1 support

                                                       Miss K Oram        1 to 1 support (Nursery)

                                                       Mrs S Gray           Nursery


 French Teacher:                          Mr N Tinjod    KS2



Peripatetic Music Teachers:            Music           Apollo Arts

                                                          Guitar           Apollo Arts                         

                                                         Brass          Mr J Mitchell


Swimming Teacher:                       Mrs Middleton


Caretaker and staff:                     Mr G Boylan   

                                                      Mrs P Oates

                                                      Mrs A Hay


School Meals Staff:                    Mrs L Boddy (Cook in charge)

                                                     Mrs S Harrison

                                                     Miss A Dinn

                                                     Mrs B Moran




Teachers and Teaching Assistants look after the children during the lunch break plus

                                                         Mrs C Leeming           Lunchtime Supervisor

                                                         Mrs B Bell                   Lunchtime Supervisor

                                                         Mrs S Fisher               Lunchtime Supervisor


Seaton Crew -  After School.Breakfast, Childcare Staff:

                                                          Mrs D Parkes              Manager

                                                          Mrs M Crowe              Supervisor

                                                          Miss J Lavelle             Supervisor

                                                          Mrs T Gibson              Supervisor

                                                          Mrs C Leeming            Supervisor





Latest News

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15 June 2018

Well done to you all! Congrats to Team 1 who made it to the Town Finals

Highest attendance Class this week!

15 June 2018

NURSERY 95.73%

Collecting stamps for RNIB

08 June 2018

Please send into school, many thanks

Calendar Events

Tuesday June 12nd 2018
Peer Review - Mrs Baines
Monday June 18th 2018
Health and Safety Inspection
Monday June 18th 2018